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Security Meshes


alugard meshSecurity screens are generally manufactured using a strong grille for security and an aluminium mesh for keeping insects out of your home. W&S Security doors and screens offers a range of high strength security meshes that can be installed into your security door without the need for a grille at all. This leaves you with a very strong and secure security door without the typical grille obstructing your view.

Our security mesh product line includes three of the premier Australia products – Alugard, Vision-Gard and Invisi-Gard.



xgard meshVision-Gard is thicker & stronger than Alugard with the same effect as privacy mesh, it limits vision, rain entering into your home & has less vibration when closing. The product meets the Australian standards for Anti-Jemmy Test, Pull Test, knife Shear Test & Impact Test.


Standard Aluminium Mesh

aluminium meshOur standard aluminium mesh is made from high quality woven aluminium and is perfect for keeping small insects such as mosquitoes and flies out of your home. This mesh is perfect for use in light weight window and door screens and is also used together with a grille in security screens.


Pet Mesh

paw proofW&S Security Doors & Screens is a Paw Proof Pet Mesh distributor. Paw Proof pet mesh is a softer, more flexible, plastic based mesh which can be used in all of our screens and security doors. Paw Proof mesh is resistant to dog and cat claws.


Privacy Mesh

privacy mesh demoPrivacy Mesh is an aluminium mesh designed to restrict vision through the security door. Also know as restricted vision mesh, in most circumstances it is effective in stopping people seeing into your home through the door while still allowing you to see out. Privacy Mesh is available in a wide range of colours and can add a distinct sense of style and security to your home. Click Here to see a demonstration image of privacy mesh.